Answers for questions about the first Expression of Interest for EVEF Technical Assistance

With the thematic focus area “Information Matters – Improving Public Knowledge and Policy Dialogue on Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency” the EU – Viet Nam Energy Facility (EVEF) has received a number of questions from different stakeholders about the first call for Expression of Interest (EOI) for Technical Assistance. We would like to publish our official answers for these questions as reference materials for this call.
Q1. Could you please help to confirm the eligibility of the international partners of the local developers: must they be European companies or can be international ones?
A1. As per the eligibility criteria provided in the information package, direct beneficiaries or recipients of the technical assistance can only be energy sector players that are registered/have a legal entity in Viet Nam. Partnerships that can convincingly maximise the impact of the technical assistance are strongly encouraged. Nature and expected results of the partnership are to be described in the EOI. Partners can be any international entity; there are no regional restrictions.
Q.2 What is the target of the Component?
A2. The target of sub-component 1B of the EU-Viet Nam Energy Facility is to offer technical assistance to non-MOIT stakeholders (MOIT has a dedicated support sub-component 1A) with the overall objective of creating a favorable environment for public and private sector investments in Renewable Energy (RE) and Energy Efficiency (EE) infrastructure in Viet Nam. This is to be achieved through improvement of the regulatory framework, strengthening of energy sector stakeholder capacities, and technology transfer. The technical assistance facility is the instrument to provide the necessary technical assistance in these three areas.
 Q3. What is the targeted policy that the component is aiming to impact?
A3. The facility does not aim to impact one policy in particular but rather aims at providing important impulses and inputs into the overall policy and regulatory framework that governs the energy sector in Viet Nam. This is to be achieved by working together with the governmental stakeholders (MOIT and associated entities through sub-component 1A) and other energy sector stakeholders (other non-MOIT public bodies, private sector, civil society, research and academia through sub-component 1B).
The deadline for submitting  EOI for the Technical Assistance is 12:00 (noon), Viet Nam time, 14 August 2019. The EOI must be submitted in WORD format either in English or Vietnamese and should be sent to the EVEF TA Facility mailbox at
For more information, please find below:
· Guidelines for Submission of an Expression of Interest (EOI) to the Demand-Driven Technical Assistance Facility (Sub-component 1B) of the EU-Viet Nam Energy Facility
· Word template of Expression of Interest to the Demand-Driven Technical Assistance Facility (Sub-component 1B) of the EU-Viet Nam Energy Facility
· UN-EU Guidelines for Financing of Local Costs in Development Cooperation with Viet Nam, Version 2017which should be applied when preparing the cost estimate for the requested Technical Assistance.