On April 2, 2021, Viet Nam Energy Efficiency Community Website (VEECOM in abbreviation) has been officially launched in Hanoi. This is considered to be the first Vietnamese platform to collect and update latest information about Energy Efficiency. 

The event was organized by the Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Project (4E), which is under the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ)cooperated with the Viet Nam Energy Conservation and Energy Efficiency Association (VECEA), and hosted by Energy Efficiency and Sustainable Development Department. It was participated by Mr. Do Huu Hao, chairman of VECEA, and Mr. Markus Bissel, team leader of Energy Efficiency for the 4E project. The event also welcomed 30 representatives who were Energy managers, Energy auditors and Energy experts from government authorities, organizations, enterprises, universities and institutes that were working or interested in Energy Efficiency. 

VEECOM website was built and developed within the framework of 4E Project, which is cooperated between the Vietnam Ministry of Industry and Trade, and the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ), and implemented by GIZ. VEECOM aims at providing credible information in terms of Energy Efficiency policies, technology, equipment and services. Hence, it has contributed to raising awareness, enhancing knowledge about economical and efficient energy consumption in production and business for people working in the field. 

VEECOM website also supports professional works, simplify daily tasks for Energy Managers, Energy Auditors and related people by supplying calculation tools, forms, best practical solutions, and service, as well as technology supplier information. It acts as not only an open information source but also Forum for users registering as VEECOM members. The forum is a place for Viet Nam Energy Efficiency Community to directly exchange professional viewpoints, proactively share their experiences, as well as their creative ideas, and enhance their knowledge through weekly and monthly contests. 

                                                                           Mr. Trinh Quoc Vu speaking at the event

Mr. Trinh Quoc Vu said that, “We recognized the Vietnamese energy needs have significantly increased in the past decade. It is expected to continue rising with a fast rate to meet the high economic demand. The Vietnamese government has been prioritizing in solving energy issues in their socio-economic development strategies, in which, they have strongly focused on economic and efficient energy consumption. The launching of VEECOM website at this moment is, therefore, necessary and in time to satisfy the needs to exchange knowledge, share experiences and enhance capacity for experts and officers. 

Mr. Do Huu Hao added, “With all the hearts pouring into the Energy Efficiency Community, and the close connection betweeworkers and operation management units, I believe that VEECOM website will continue improving its quality and activities. It is anticipated to contribute to the efficient energy consumption and bring more benefits to enterprises and our country. VEECOM will connect Energy Efficiency-related websites such as and to take advantage of the provided information. 

Mr. Markus Bissel claimed, “After months of creation and development, today, it is a huge pleasure of the Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Project to accompany VECEA to introduce VEECOM website. With its launching, we hope to bring a comprehensive and reliable information platform about Energy Efficiency in Vietnam. The website is expected to play a part in connecting officers, experts and staff in the field to exchange, to learn, and to enhance their capacity. It would be helpful for a better efficient energy consumption in Vietnam. 

Currently, Vietnam has more than 2000 Energy Managers and Energy Auditors. However, they mainly work independently in their own companies, approach discrete information and lack of professional connection. Meanwhile, nowadays, Energy Efficiency technology is flourishing and updating every day, which is hard for individuals to catch up. VEECOM website will frequently update useful information for professional works, which helps officers approach new knowledge and improve their working skills. Get access to the website at: 

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