Workshop “ESCO, A future business model for Vietnam – Lessons learned from international and national ESCO activities/ models”

On October 22, 2020, in Ho Chi Minh City, the EU – Viet Nam Energy Facility (EVEF) in cooperation with Ministry of Industry and Trade (MOIT) organized a workshop “ESCO, A future business model for Vietnam – Lessons learned from international and national ESCO activities/ models”. The workshop is within the framework of Viet Nam Energy Partnership Group (VEPG). The event aims to share the experiences in developing Energy Service Company (ESCO) model in Viet Nam and to raise awareness of government agencies in adjusting policy framework for this model in the future.

                                                                   ESCO Workshop (Image: EVEF)

The workshop was held with the participation of Mr. Trinh Quoc Vu – Deputy Director General of Department of Enegy Efficiency and Sustainable Development (DEESD), Mr. Nguyen Viet Dung – Deputy Director General of DEESD, Ms. Tran Thuy Duong – Programme Manager of Sustainable Energy, Development Cooperation Section from Delegation of the European Union to Viet Nam, Mr. Markus Bissel – Head of Energy Efficiency Component of EVEF, Mr. Nguyen Dinh Hiep – Vice Chairman of Viet Nam Energy Conservation and Energy Effciency Association (VECEA), and many experts from Enegy Efficiency sector. The event was also attended by state management officials of the Departments of Industry and Trade (DOITs) and the cities, as well as representatives from enterprises and credit institutions.

                                                              ESCO Workshop (Image: EVEF)

Multiple topics have been discussed during the workshop, including the existing legal framework for ESCO in Viet Nam, assessment of the framework from legal experts, and financial mechanism of energy efficiency sector. The speakers also shared their experiences on developing ESCO model in Viet Nam and in the world, the key learning from the successful ESCO projects, as well as experiences to overcome barriers when implementing ESCO business model.

                                Mr. Markus Bissel – Team leader of Energy Efficiency from GIZ  (Image: EVEF)

Following the workshop is a one-day site visit to Heineken Brewery Factory in Ba Ria – Vung Tau for more than 40 participants. This is a flagship ESCO project on steam and electricity supply and drying brewers’ spent grain in cooperation with Indochine Import Export Investment Joint Stock Company (DDG). The trip enabled participants to learn from different energy efficiency technologies being implemented by Heineken.

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