2nd High-Level Meeting of The Viet Nam Energy Partnership Group

Hanoi, 26 November 2018: The Viet Nam Energy Partnership Group (VEPG) holds its Second
High-Level Meeting (HLM) on 26 November 2018 in Hanoi. The HLM is co-chaired by H.E. Đặng
Hoàng An – Vice Minister of Industry and Trade (MoIT), H.E. Bruno Angelet – Ambassador of the
European Union to Viet Nam and Mr. Ousmane Dione – Country Director of the World Bank. The
HLM gathers over 200 high-level representatives including Ambassadors and representatives
from the public sector, development partner organizations, private companies and civil society.
The highlight of the HLM is the presentation of policy recommendations by the VEPG’s Technical
Working Groups (TWG) aimed at boosting the development of Viet Nam’s energy sector in 5 key
priority areas, namely Renewable Energy, Energy Efficiency, Energy Sector Reform, Energy
Access and Energy Data and Statistics. Each TWG delivered and discussed a set of concrete policy
recommendations, developed through extensive research and dialogue by the TWG members
over the past year.
Recognizing their value to drive the development of Viet Nam’s energy sector, H.E. Đặng Hoàng
An – Vice Minister of Industry and Trade (MoIT), on behalf of the VEPG Chair H.E. Trần Tuấn Anh
– Minister of MoIT, and Co-Chairs who are H.E. Bruno Angelet – Ambassador of the European
Union to Viet Nam and Mr. Ousmane Dione – Country Director of the World Bank endorse the
TWG’s recommendations and commit to carry them forward in the coming time.
H.E. Đặng Hoàng An – Vice Minister underlines, “Today, we received nearly 40 policy
recommendations which are results from the work of VEPG’s 5 Technical Working Groups. These
policy recommendations are valuable and truly relevant toward the policy development of Viet
Nam’s energy sector. It is my honour – on behalf of the Co-Chairs of the Viet Nam Energy
Partnership Group, Ambassador Bruno Angelet and Mr. Ousmane Dione, to announce that we
officially endorse these recommendations and commit to carry them forward. We will now work

to ensure that they are integrated into the country’s wider policy dialogue and energy sector
Ambassador Bruno Angelet adds, “The EU is very committed to help Viet Nam’s transition from
brown to green energy, while also ensuring access to affordable energy for all and protecting Viet
Nam’s competitiveness. We are extremely proud that the Viet Nam Energy Partnership Group
could deliver, just within 1 year, recommendations for comprehensive policy reform. They are
the result of intense consultations with the Government, the private sector, academia and civil
society. Our strong wish is that our recommendations will be embedded in Viet Nam’s strategic
policy papers and will be translated in concrete policy actions.”
Mr. Ousmane Dione also states, “The World Bank is fully supportive of Viet Nam’s energy
development agenda, including the 5 key priorities discussed at today’s High-level Meeting”, said
Ousmane Dione, the World Bank Country Director for Vietnam. “We are committed to helping Viet
Nam deliver sustainable, clean, reliable and affordable energy for all, including technical and
policy advice, direct investment financing, risk mitigation measures and guarantees, supporting
regulatory reform, improving energy security, and helping Viet Nam meet its Nationally
Determined Contributions as part of the Paris Agreement.”
The HLM also invites selected organizations to present best practice examples which relate to
the policy recommendations from the TWGs and showcase new and innovative approaches that
can be scaled-up in the future. There is a presentation about Phong Dien Solar Power Plant, the
first utility solar project which successfully connected to the national grid in October 2018. A
representative from Heineken Viet Nam presents a successful application of an ESCO model that
helps the company increase its energy efficiency. The last presentation from Green ID is about
Local Energy Planning (LEP) which successfully provides solar energy to remote communities,
for example, in An Giang province.

For more information, please contact:
Ms. Nguyen Phuong Mai
Ministry of Trade and Industry
Mobile phone:
Email: 0903236237

Ms. Dang Huong Lan,
PR and Communications Officer
Viet Nam Energy Partnership Group
Mobilephone : 0983667581

Note to editors:
About the Viet Nam Energy Partnership Group
The Viet Nam Energy Partnership Group (VEPG) was established in June 2017 in an agreement
between the Government of Viet Nam and Development Partners with the purpose of
strengthening mutual partnerships and better aligning and coordinating external support to the
Energy Sector in Viet Nam. The VEPG is chaired by the Ministry of Industry and Trade (MOIT) and
Co-Chaired by the Delegation of the European Union to Viet Nam and the World Bank (WB).
The overall objective of the Viet Nam Energy Partnership Group (VEPG) is thus to work towards
effective and efficient international support to sustainable energy development in Viet Nam, in
line with national law and international agreements, of which Viet Nam is a member.
To deliver on this goal, the VEPG serves as a multi-level forum that supports policy and technical
dialogue on energy development in the context of the Sustainable Development Goals and the
Paris Agreement on climate change. It provides a platform to align external support with Viet
Nam’s energy and climate change strategies and action plans, international commitments and
private investments, thereby reinforcing coherence and effectiveness and avoiding duplication of
aid delivery. Furthermore, through information sharing and communication between national
and international stakeholders the VEPG contributes to enhancing learning and improving
information-based decision making.
The VEPG focuses on 5 priority areas – renewable energy, energy efficiency, energy sector reform,
energy access and energy data & statistics – and through dedicated Technical Working Groups
(TWG) it provides relevant, high-level inputs and recommendations to inform Viet Nam’s energy
sector policy development and planning processes.